New Paddle Holders for Drop In

I’d like to thank Keith Darrow for all of his hard work in building the new paddle holders, and Dave and Laura Espenes for helping to install them on the courts this afternoon.  They are located in the following locations: 
Courts 5 -12 paddle holder is outside of court 6 (holds 36 paddles)
Courts 13 – 18 paddle holder is located outside of court 14 (holds 36 paddles)
Courts 19 – 22 paddle holder is located outside of court 19 (holds 28 paddles)  

The new balls (Selkirk Pro S1) were just delivered at 9:30 PM this evening and will be put out sometime tomorrow.  These are the balls that will be used in our upcoming tournament next week.  You have a week to get used to the new ball. 
I’ll be asking for club members input on the new ball in the next week or so.

See you around the courts.