New Selkirk Pro S1 Balls and One More Item

This afternoon, the new Selkirk Pro S1 ball was put out on all of the pickleball courts.  This ball is the only ball that we are using as of today.  We are doing another weeklong survey to see how this ball stands up to the play and our cooler weather.  If any of these balls crack or break, please put them in the boxes by the breezeway gates.  
At the end of this week, we will look at the results from both the Franklin X40 and the Selkirk Pro S1 ball.        

On another note:  Please do not put in work orders for the pickleball courts without going through myself or one of the other board members.  Today, someone put in a work order to have the blue benches put back onto the courts.  CAM Maintenance always contact me first about any pickleball club work orders.  
We are NOT putting the blue benches back onto the pickleball courts.

See you around the courts.