Pickleball Club Board of Directors Election Update

Please read Mel Langer’s email below:

December 5, 2023


Nominations have officially closed.

Troy Konz was the only nominee for president and will serve in that role for another two years.
Eileen Saunders was the only nominee for treasurer and will also serve in that role for another two years.

There is one open Member at Large position to be filled. We have five candidates, who will vie for that seat. They are:
Richard “Bear” Smith
Patrick Hansen
Don Madison
Laura Forbes
Don Orseck

Here’s what will happen at the December 12th, 2023 meeting.
Every person attending will be given a ballot when you check in at the front desk.

Each of the five candidates will give a synopsis of who they are, their background, interests, qualifications, etc. Their presentation will be limited to three minutes.

Once the first presentation begins, NO MORE BALLOTS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED.
Then you will vote for one of the five nominees. You must be present to vote.

Ballots will be collected. We will have three ballot counters. The counters will be sequestered in a room away from the general meeting. After the count is complete, the winner will be announced.

Any questions, just email me.

Mel Langer
Election Committee Chairman

See you around the courts.