December Meeting Agenda and Chapters 12 & 13 Revision

This is the agenda for the Pickleball Clubs general membership meeting next week December 12, 2023 4-6pm.  Included is all of the information on the current bylaws and the proposed new bylaws.  Please take the time to read them.

MEETING AGENDA – December 12, 2023
4-6PM Agua Fria Room Cimarron Center

Call to Order: Time: _______ p.m.  Introduce new members.

Secretary’s Report: Novembers report

Treasurer’s Report: Octobers report.

1. BOD Election:  Meet the candidates- Vote.
2. Mixer court allocation: Vote
3. Chapters 12 & 13 Update: Vote
4. Tournament Report: Troy

1. 2024 Dues – vote
2. Ladders/Ball Machine Drills/Clinics:
3. CAM Card Conversion:
4. New Paddle Holders:
5. Billy Goat

Additional Items:

Proposed changes to the Grand Pickleball Club’s Bylaws
Chapter 12 & 13:
Current Bylaws
Proposed New Bylaws
Proposed New Bylaws (redline version)
Proposed New Bylaws – Explanation Notes