Fun Time with the Valley Vista Marching Band ~ Saturday, April 18th

What’s in this email

1) Fun Time with the Band teaching the kids pickleball
2) We need volunteers to teach the kids
4) Looking for paddles, to use or donate to the kids
5) Asking for homemade snacks and goodies
6) Volunteers for medical and parking lot control

 Fun Time Teaching the Kids Pickleball
Saturday, April 18th 8:00-Noon
The Band will be Performing at the Courts

Band Wish list….We did it!
Director’s Stand
Performance Synthesizer

1) Fun Time with the Band teaching the kids pickleball and Band Performance. Because 1) the band wants to show their appreciation to the Club for fundraising for their wish list, 2) the kids had such a great time interacting with our members over those three days and 3) they fell in love with pickleball we are combining a band performance at the courts and members providing them lessons and games amongst themselves (maybe some of their school staff) and our members as well. Just a Saturday morning free fun time event with the kids. Please come join us that day and watch the band perform.

2) We need volunteers to teach the kids. There will be over 50 band members and color guard members coming over to perform and wanting to learn how to play pickleball, so we will need many volunteers to help teach them and organize some interactive games with them and our members. Please contact Bob Ellis if you would like to have some fun teaching the kids and organizing the event  or 407-920-8524.

3) NOT A FUNDRAISER OR PAY TO PLAY. This is NOT a “pay to play” or a fundraiser. There is NO FEE to help teach or play with the kids. But some have already asked if they wish to donate to the band because they did not during the event because of being out of town, etc may they? Of course, any band or school club is always in need of funds. All checks should be made out directly to the Valley Vista HS Band Booster Club. If you come to the event the kids will have their donation jars there but they will not be asking for donations. They want this to be a “thank you” celebration. If you want to mail a check please send it to Bob Ellis 21665 N. Casa Royale Dr. 85387 and he will made sure the booster club gets them.

4) Looking for paddles, to use or donate to the kids. Obviously with over 50 kids coming we will be in need of paddles to use for the day or to donate to the band. If you have any dusty paddles you haven’t used lately please consider donating them. If not, please bring any extra paddles you may have and clearly mark them so they will be returned to you that day. Please contact Bob Ellis at or Dennis Raggi at if you can supply any paddles. Thank you!

5) Asking for homemade snacks and goodies. To keep the cost of this event to a minimum, the kids (their parents) are planning on bringing homemade snacks, cookies, cakes, etc. for the event. We are asking our desert maker members out there to bring your favorite snack, dessert, goodie, etc. Please contact Sharon Navratil at The club will provide free coffee, hot chocolate and cold water for the event.

6) Volunteers for medical and parking lot control. As with the charity event we will need volunteer medical people. Tom Zmugg and his crew did an outstanding job during the three days. And because we may be having the band perform in the parking lot that day we will need volunteers to make sure everyone is safe. Guest who to contact if you can help out in any way?

Bob Ellis
VP SCG Pickleball Club

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